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What We Do:

Help companies scale by defining + aligning their brand, customers and business goals.

You have an amazing product or service. You’ve been in business for a while now. But you’re feeling a little stuck. Maybe your revenue hit a bit of ceiling, or your marketing has hit a bit of a wall.

Whatever it may be, the bottom line is this. To scale a business, you need to:

1.) Identify who’s most likely to give you money.

Even though all of your customers on the surface level seem to look very, very similar… the reality is: somebody that’s not stuck in your own forest can look at it - completely unbiased - and break them down into categories based on pain points and challenges, needs and desires, and who pays you the most money. And that alone fundamentally changes your marketing message and strategy specific to them.

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2.) Position your entire brand towards them.

The backbone of any brand is positioning. It’s how you want to be perceived by the people you serve. We nail your positioning in the marketplace by examining your brand as if it were a person. How does this person talk? What’s their vibe? What makes them special?

Once we extract the feelings, values and personality traits that form the “DNA” of your brand, we’ll know exactly how to position your business for the right audience - and all the right things to communicate.

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3.) Determine the most effective ways to deliver your message.

The reality is, there’s probably something you’re doing that you think is being effective - social media, Google Ads, trade shows. But when we put it in black and white, we can see pretty quickly that the ROI on that for your time, money or energy doesn’t add up.

There’s A LOT of ways to get your message in front of the marketplace. Paid traffic, new website, SEO, social media... Everything relies on being truly dialed in on your best customers.

Pool table positioning

Once the brand, customers, and business goals are all in alignment...

That’s what drives the entire process of scaling. At that point, we’ll have a goal post where everything you do moving forward will be geared towards what we’ve uncovered. So anything you do branding or marketing-wise will be way closer to the bullseye. (Which means far less spaghetti being hurled at the wall.)

We're an advocate for the customer, and also the long range business goals of your company. But to be completely straightforward, we work more in the interest of your customers. To scale, everything must revolve around them. And based on what we find, we're then able to help you make the correct decisions for your business.
We're Voxa. We like brand strategy, coffee, and people that show up with big ideas. And we don’t just want to work with you. We want to invest in you and your business. We’re not into flings and waiting three days to call. We like relationships, commitment, and straightforward communication. Our goal is to build the right strategy so we’ll genuinely have an improved result on your business.
— Jon Cooney, Founder
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